The Citizens of Gulf County Recovery Team held its monthly Community Meeting last week with agenda topics including the current status of funding, projects, volunteers, and support services. Since the onset of COVID-19 stay-at-home recommendations, like many individuals and businesses, the Recovery Team has adapted to a new normal and is coping with lack of funding availability.

Although there is a promise of federal funds being released to the state and county levels, hurricane disaster monies earmarked directly for long-term recovery teams are increasingly difficult to find.

To be expected, at this month's meeting a main topic of discussion was future funding.

“A tremendous thank you to Congressman Dr. Neal Dunn, Senator Bill Montford, Representative Jason Shoaf, and Representative Loranne Ausley for attending our community meeting this afternoon via conference call,” said executive director Nancy Stuart.

“Your support on COVID-19 and ongoing hurricane relief efforts were very much appreciated as well as all your hard work on behalf of our community. Thank you also to our partners for continuously supporting our long term recovery efforts. We are learning to adapt to the changes we are seeing nationally, and thinking of creative ways to remain a great service to our community.”

The public is encouraged to tune in to both board meetings and community meetings. The hope is to have more guest speakers for the next community meetings, and we strive to keep our community updated.

All scheduled meetings are posted to and on our facebook page www.facebook/recovergulf

Roofing projects dependent on volunteers have been canceled due to the COVID-19 recommended protocols but the team is working with St. Vincent de Paul and local contractors to look for alternative ways to move repair work forward.

If you would like to contribute to the relief efforts you can text: RecoverGulf to 41444 or send a check to Citizens of Gulf County Recovery Team, PO Box 1104, Port St Joe, FL 32457