This time of year two creatures enjoy the local beaches nearly as much as humans, nesting shorebirds and sea turtles.

And, Good Friday was a great Friday for those surveying WindMark Beach for nesting shorebirds as the first snowy plover nest yielded some magical moments, said Barbara Eells of the Gulf and East Bay Turtle Patrol.

Eells also surveys local beaches during shorebird nesting season, underway now ahead of the May 1 start of turtle nesting season.

Bill Fauth, a member of the Gulf and East Bay Turtle Patrol, positioned a camera near that first nest along WindMark.

The camera yielded video and still photos of the emergence of four young snowy plovers.

Eells said a fourth egg was either placed in the nest or possibly laid by the female plover as she incubated the original three eggs she laid.

Incredibly, the eggs all hatched within days of each other, the first on April 8 and the other three emerging on April 10, Good Friday, Eells said.

Eells said at least two other plover nests have been discovered, with a possible third also found; only time will tell.

Meanwhile, the public is urged to respect the boundary markings, tape or rope, protecting areas where nesting shorebirds frequent.

Thanks to Bill Fauth for the photos.

A video can be found at