Members of the Port St. Joe Garden Club a garden walk last week at the home of Sue Meyer, PSJGC past president. In accordance to social distancing, members were required to sign up for the tour in groups of five in advance.

Sue’s garden is truly a creative process that has evolved over time. Walking through roses, daylilies, agapanthus and hibiscus to mention a few, members were busy taking pictures and making plans to reproduce a part of this garden in their own backyard. Succulents also make up a large part of this awe-inspiring garden.

The reuse of unusual items, such as an old pedestal lavatory, as a pot for succulents adds new meaning to recycling. The garden also contains mature orange, lemon and grapefruit trees whose fruit has been enjoyed by many members. A vegetable container garden had string beans ready for harvest, green tomatoes and various other veggies that will soon be a dinner time treat.

After a truly educational and totally enjoyable garden walk, members were given small moon plants, aloe plants and their choice of flower seeds with planting instructions to take home as a gift from our hostess.

For information about the garden club, visit the club’s Facebook page, email, or please contact club president Nancy Edwards at 770-713-3267.