Labeling his campaign “Children Are Our Future,” Carl Fox announced this week that he is entering the race for the District 3 seat on the Gulf County School Board.

Fox graduated from Port St. Joe High School in 1980. He attended Gulf Coast Community College and has been employed at (Vitro) RT&T Technology for 35 years.

Fox has coached Dixie League Baseball and served four years as a county commissioner for District 3.

While on the Board of County Commissioners, Fox established two scholarships and helped set up a fund called “Santa’s Helpers” that allowed less fortunate children to go shopping for Christmas.

Fox has also been a member of the White City Volunteer Fire Department for 40 years.

He described “Children Are Our Future”:

“My goal is to set up more vocational programs as we are well behind surrounding counties. I would like to set up programs like culinary and building trades so our youth can have the opportunity to have above minimum-wage jobs when they graduate.

“I am going to be more visible in school functions and in the classroom. I plan on being accessible to all.

“I would like to look into the wages of teachers and support personnel as well as the costs of insurance.

“I humbly ask for your vote and support. Thank you, Carl Fox.”