Port St. Joe Garden Club Secretary Caroline Madsen hosted a members-only garden walk last week. In keeping with the guidelines of social distancing, three groups of five attendees each signed up in advance for the tour.

Caroline is a self described "ocean girl" who hails from West Newton, Massachusetts. She moved to the bayside community of Port St. Joe with her husband, Joe, 10 years ago and delights in gardening year-round.

Over the course of time, Caroline has added many special touches to her garden. The focal point is a pergola in the back yard that lightly shades a gold fish pond surrounded by robust succulents.

New additions include dragon trees (Dracaena marginata), African masks (Alocasia amazonica), and a showy bromeliad (Tillandsia cyanea) with a hot pink and purple inflorescense.

Fancy cut leaf philodendrons (Philodendron selloum) dominate the front yard while profusely- blooming plumbagos (Plumbago auriculata) accent the side yard gate with sky blue blooms.

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