Sandy McInnis graciously shared her garden with members of the Port St. Joe Garden Club last week. After a greeting on the inviting front porch with her friend Diane Elliott, Sandy guided her guests past beds of colorful blooms and offered fresh tastings from the vegetable plot.

Decorative features such as flowers created from up cycled porcelain plates added visual interest. A wooden fence draped with exotic orchids offered both privacy and a fabulous view. The cozy back porch provided the perfect setting to admire Sandy’s garden which she has fashioned over the last year.

Visitors noticed that plants situated at varying vertical heights, hanging high in baskets, cascading from large containers, and set down in the ground, lend a pleasingly layered dimensional aspect to the landscape.

To learn more, please visit the Port St. Joe Garden Club Facebook page, email, or contact club president Nancy Edwards at 770-713-3267. Please contact Sue Meyer at 513-504-1679 for details regarding the rental of the lovely and historic Garden Center located at 216 Eighth Street. The venue accommodates up to 70 guests and is perfect for weddings, showers, and family reunions.