On February 26, 2020, Martha “Jo” Toland Heslin, daughter of the late Keron and John Toland, and brother of the late Jack Toland, passed away peacefully at the age of 82.

Jo was born in Columbia, SC and graduated from George Washington University. She spent the majority of her life in Atlanta, GA where she retired as an executive and owner of a marketing research firm, prior to moving to Indian Pass, FL twenty-five years ago. She lived a fulfilled life, where she was blessed with so many friends in this close-knit community. She is survived by her children including her favorite daughter, Kiki Heslin, favorite son, Lex Heslin, and her youngest daughter, Eve Conrad, who was her clone in both looks and spirit. She is also survived by her grandchildren, Christian Kim, Grace Conrad, Julia Momoko Heslin, Hayden Conrad and Alexa Heslin.

Jo had a passion for life, friends and adventure. She could find the positive in any situation. She was a dedicated mother, and she was known for her creativity in many community projects including her desire to preserve the artifacts and beauty of Indian Pass. As active as she was, she was also was content listening to the waves crashing in front of her house, watching the pine trees sway in the breeze and rocking for hours on her wonderful porch. Many will remember being hosted by Jo, and her sayings that will continue to bring happy memories such as “Isn’t that something!”, “Hallelujah”, and “How about them apples”. These saying will always make her friends and family smile with fond remembrance.

Mom always opened her home and heart to friends. We welcome the community to come celebrate mom’s life. Details are forthcoming. No donations or flowers please.