Re: Letter, Nov. 6, “Liberals are dividing the country”

I wonder if the author sees the irony in the title of his letter to the editor. If we want the country united, why call people “liberals” or “conservatives?” That divides us further. Most Americans, myself included, believe some things that are traditionally “liberal” and some that are traditionally “conservative”; few are completely one or the other.

Thank you for your 25 years of service. I also appreciate our servicepeople in horrible conditions right now.

NFL owners, not American citizens, pay players’ salaries. The author says business owners should fire their employees for kneeling, but that goes against what he says in the first sentence of the same paragraph: The military protects their rights to do so. What if the business owners believe in sitting for the anthem? Should they be able to fire anyone who stands?

I question the validity of the quoted statistics 1. “Racism was improving in every area of the country except Chicago, Miami, Detroit, LA, and New York,” and “Racism started becoming more of a problem when we voted in Obama.” These have not been my experience or that of my daughter who lives in New York, and I can’t find any facts to support them. I did, however, find several studies, one of which published in PLOS ONE (a peer reviewed open access scientific journal published by the Public Library of Science) that says the most racist areas of the country are the rural South and Northeast. These are not, as the author wrote, “strong liberal Democratic strongholds.”

The intent of those who kneel is not to disrespect America or the flag. There is no more respectful pose than kneeling. When Green Beret Nate Boyer said Colin Kaepernick’s sitting for the anthem disrespected servicepeople, Kaepernick listened and the two of them compromised with kneeling to show respect for our great country while calling attention to its shortcomings. Perhaps this – listening to the other side and respectfully compromising – will bring our country a closer to uniting.

Cathy Halprin, Shalimar