EDITOR’S NOTE: This letter was written prior to Sunday’s Super Bowl but not received until after the game had been played. In fairness to the authors we will publish the letters.

This Super Bowl weekend I watched a report on the news about the preparations being taken by U.S. law enforcement agencies and National Guard soldiers to make sure that the fans and players are kept safe. U.S. taxpayers are spending millions of dollars and police and soldiers are putting themselves in harm’s way to ensure that the Super Bowl is safe and successful.

After all the preparations by these great Americans, it makes me a little angry that the ungrateful players who will make millions of dollars from this game may very likely take a knee during the national anthem to show their contempt for the nation that allows them to get rich playing football.

I will not watch the Super Bowl, nor will I be watching any NFL event in the foreseeable future. I know that boycotts rarely work but I wish my fellow citizens wouldn't support the NFL and other organizations that express their contempt and hatred for America, the greatest country on earth.

Kevin D. Clark, Niceville