Re: Letter, March 4, “It’s on you”

You seemingly assume a vast amount of self-appointed authority on the subject of firearm ownership. It’s gun Nazis like yourself that cause me to hold on to my Second Amendment so tightly. I take it you don’t want to own a firearm? That being the case, it is your right not to have one. I , on the other hand, am 70 years old, not as physically able to protect my loved ones or my home from the evil that, even you must admit, is out here among us. 

Keep in mind that on Feb. 14, 84 million gun owners behaved ourselves. Should I choose to hunt or play war games has nothing to do with you. That is none of your business. I will be responsible for my actions without your supervision. Again, it’s liberals like yourself who cause me to fight for and defend my Second Amendment right. I’ll not be requiring your self-appointed expertise on the matter. 

Wayne Fox, Crestview