“Come on over here boy and I will show you how to make a nice paper airplane,” Foghorn Leghorn said to the little yellow chick/boy named “Eggbert” or “Egghead Jr.” based on your knowledge of the Looney Tunes cartoon. Eggbert did go over and watch Foghorn Leghorn make a simple paper airplane. Then Eggbert proceeded to fold up a fighter plane that he threw up into the air and it shot down Foghorn’s pitiful little plane.

Eggbert was a large-headed and very intelligent baby chick and appeared in several shorts with the cocky, aggressive and loud Foghorn Leghorn. Eggbert was the only son of Miss Prissy, a spinster hen who inexplicably became a widow in later shorts, Eggbert was bookish and never said a word other than mumbling when he was counting playing hide and seek with Foghorn. Foghorn would try to teach him to be a man and play real games like baseball and cowboys and Indians, which would regularly result in bodily injury or humiliation for ol’ Foghorn.

You just had to love the nerdy little Eggbert. He was small and wore big glasses and was a genius.

My work requires me to be around some really amazing and smart folks. I have to say it is kind of like “rocket science.” Let’s pretend that it is rocket science and that I had a chance to listen to some folks talk about their new and future rockets and what they plan on doing with them. That is about as close as I can get.

The first thing I noticed was that all these “rocket pushers” were extremely intelligent, good on their feet and very young (compared to me). This one fellow who was very good at pushing his rocket and telling folks all the wonderful things that his company intended on doing with their rocket was very familiar to me.

He looked 30, probably less and he had slicked down yellow hair, a snappy suit and expensive shoes. But through all of that he still reminded me of someone I had seen many many years ago. Then I remembered. It was on Saturday mornings when I saw this fellow and he hung around with the cocky rooster, Foghorn Leghorn.

Yes, this young fellow was a dead ringer for “Eggbert,” I’m not being disrespectful, he was just perfect… Big glasses, yellow hair and way smarter than those in the room.

Noting his name, I started researching this young man on the internet, as I listened to him talk. I just loved how well he “performed” on his feet and his knowledge and confidence.

After I dug around a bit, I found out that this young man had been with this high tech group for about five years. Before that he had spent a year doing some railroad work and just before that, he was an intern with a big box home improvement store (the orange one).

Now that made me extremely happy…

Here was a kid living the dream, who just seven years ago was working in a big hardware store studying sales and people I am sure. You know there’s not much difference. If you can upsell a fancy refrigerator or storage barn to somebody who really doesn’t need it, you can sell an expensive rocket to someone who really does need it. You just need to know what you are talking about.

And Eggbert, I mean, this nice young fellow, knew exactly what he was talking about.

I will always be more of a sucker/buyer to those young folks who have paid their dues (even if they wear those fancy shoes).

Getting older isn’t so bad when you see young folks doing real well for themselves.

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