Recently there have been articles submitted and published that claim to have an answer to changes in our rivers’ and lakes’ salinity. The “answer” submitted is building a “lock” ostensibly to prevent ocean water from intruding up right. This proposal is best viewed as “nutty.”

Once upon a time some 10 or more year ago water coming down the Apalachicola flowed at a rate of about 5,000 gallons a second. While that seems like a lot it is not enough. The flow rate, and the river height upstream, had diminished, even since then.

What keeps saltwater from moving upstream? The answer is freshwater moving downstream.

If there a less than “normal” flow of freshwater in the river system it is due to the use of upstream water in ways that prevent it from moving downstream. A lock, or a dam, cannot more water into our rivers and lakes.

Everybody should know that Florida has taken legal action to restore water flow from areas north of Florida, unsuccessfully.

As a licensed ship’s captain I have been taking people up our rivers to the natural wonders we treasure for 20 years. I have seen it change. I have seen declines in fish stocks, vegetation, bird types and activity. We had one of our world’s most impressive natural resources in our estuary. We need to save it.

We need to increase the political pressure to increase the downstream flow of fresh waters, not dam them up.

A lock would only deter or reduce river transport of water, ships and people and wreak havoc on our natural resources, and our economy.

Peter Burgher

Indian Pass