During the holidays, we are often rushing around worrying about what gifts to give friends and family members or making sure the house is decorated and ready for guests. Or possibly, we are making last minute travel arrangements to go visit relatives. Then, there are the meals, the secret eggnog recipes and don’t forget about the cookies.

Sometimes, the holidays can be very challenging. Maybe, I should say they are always a little bit challenging, but I love the time spent with my family. It seems like we are always hurrying up to get ready and then we get to finally sit down and then it’s over. In a blur, it’s over.

Then we always seem to remember those who we have lost even more during the holidays. Friends, family and other loved ones who we seemed to be closer to during the magical holiday time of year.

As we get older, we don’t worry so much about the perfect gift or if the turkey is dry. Well, maybe I should say, “I am not worried about selecting the perfect gift or if my turkey is a little dry.”

Of course, I want everything to be pleasant and fun, but I want my family to be able to “see” and understand the many gifts we have among each other that are not under the Christmas tree and cannot be wrapped.

These are the types of things you think about when they put you through one of those machines so they can “see” what is inside of you. You want to close your eyes, you worry and you get claustrophobic. Getting scanned or x-rayed or whatever the correct term is… is just not any fun. They want to see your insides to figure out why or if you are having problems.


What better time than the holidays to take a look at your insides?

How do you really feel about that person at work? When was the last time you called your mother, your father, your sister or your brother? What is really the most important thing you can give your children? Does my dog really think I am that good?

Yes, I love the music, the lights and the secret eggnog recipes. I want to see the train running around the Christmas tree, I want to put my Christmas Story “leg lamp” in the window and I want to smell a real Christmas tree.

What they found inside of me was noted as “unremarkable.” At first my feelings were kind of hurt. They used an expensive machine and a doctor interpreted the results of the pictures… And they were deemed, “unremarkable.”

They could have just said, “Boring.” Maybe they could have said, “Normal.”

I am very thankful for the unremarkable findings on my insides, but it did cause me to think really hard about what I put in and pull out of there during this holiday season. I won’t see them during this holiday season, but my Mama and Daddy are still in there and although some folks might have thought them to be boring, I would say they were quite “remarkable.”

That goes for a lot of things that are “inside” of me too… My other relatives, my friends, my dogs, my experiences, my joy, my secrets and my love for this life. Yes, I do love this life. Sometimes pains and heartbreaks get to us - but those good things, feelings and memories that are going on inside of us are there to keep us going and enjoying more of life and the holiday season.

I’m not suggesting that you go get stuck in one of those machines where they can look at your insides, I’m just suggesting that the best parts of our lives are often inside of us, rather than outside of us.

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