Dear Editor,

Recently it was noted that there are two initiatives floating in the State Legislature to provide “Term Limits” to members of all Florida School Boards. One would impose a 12 year limit and the other an 8 year limit. Both have merit and seem to be catching on. Eight years would be GREAT…..Good News!

In that regard how nice would it be to have “Term Limits” for all County Commissioners as well! Eight years is by far long enough for one to serve! After all, election to the Board is a privilege and the intent one would believe is to “serve” and offer constructive advancement of ideas and means for growth of the county. The position does not imply that it’s an alternative for employment but rather it’s the position to “serve” and contribute!

It seems our commissioners believe it to be a golden employment opportunity! Eight years and a “pension” forever and the amount grows the longer the commissioner serves past the eight years. Wow what a deal! In some cases this salary is not supplementing other employment income but it’s their primary source? As matter of fact, in addition to their salary each receives a supplement income known as “ in-county travel pay” at a rate of nearly $600 plus or minus a month. Rough math: $600 x 12 equals $7,200 times 5 (commissioners) equals $36,000 . Certainly that $36,000 could be used elsewhere?

Now should one ask, “doesn’t your salary cover your expenses”? Quicker that you can take a breath, the answer is a resounding “No. That income isn’t for travel…..!” OK considering the $600 is to be used (loosely stated) for in-county travel ...then one would think the gas is used for traveling to the two meetings per month and Special Meetings when necessary to downplay public input. Given today’s efficiency of vehicles one would have to leave the vehicle running continuously to burn $600 worth of fuel a month?

Before, during and after Hurricane Michael one would have thought commissioners would have been out in their “District” seeking to assist and inquire as to the well being of folks? My eye sight is nearly 20/20 and for the life of me… commissioner was around our area? Guess they were saving their “travel pay” for their next evening discussion at the Haughty Heron?

One could only hope Representative Shoaf and Senator Montford would consider advancing the idea of term limits for County Commissioners. After all they have term limits on their positions; eight years for each!

Just a thought!

Bo Williams

Beacon Hill