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PSJ Garden Club news

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The Port St. Joe Garden Club held two meetings Jan. 9, the first at 10 a.m. and the second at 6:30 p.m. ET at the newly restored Garden Center located at 216 Eighth Street.

Liz Sparks, the Florida Wildflower Foundation’s liaison to the Florida Department of Transportation, presented a program entitled Why Wildflowers Matter Along Roadsides and in Your Home Landscape.

Ms. Sparks emphasized that Florida’s population boom results in habitat loss for native plants and wildflowers. This loss impacts the viability of bees and other insects that are responsible for the pollination of essential agricultural crops. Furthermore, the diet of baby birds consists almost exclusively of high fat, high protein insects. So without the insects that feast on native plants, the bird population is threatened too.

Reduced mowing along roadsides is a highly effective method to allow native wildflowers to flourish, bloom, go to seed, and support pollinators and insects at each stage of their development. Homeowners can also intentionally incorporate native plants into their residential landscapes to offset habitat destruction.

Along a more entertaining vein, member Judith Williams revealed several artful principles of composition as she created a floral arrangement in front of the guests. Using magnolia leaves, palm fronds, and chrysanthemums, Ms. Williams fashioned an asymmetrical design of elegance and simplicity.

The Port St. Joe Garden Club is working toward boosting attendance at its evening meeting. The 6:30 p.m. ET time slot was selected for the convenience of working people who have an interest in gardening, conservation, and community engagement.

Please contact club president Nancy Edwards at 770-713-3267 for club related information and Sue Meyer 513-504-1679 for details regarding the rental of the lovely historic venue at 216 Eighth Street.