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Jimmie Mac is Gone

Special to The Star
The Star

I can hear him playing

his wooden spoons

from Heaven above,

waiting to come back

for a visit

to welcome us,

his friends

and lightly step foot

once again on his turf,

his legendary Indian Pass

Raw Bar front porch

to celebrate his life

his passion, his music

with us, his people.

He’d be smiling, sitting

and playing his spoons

being Jimmie Mac

the one we know and love.

We would welcome his ghost

in our new ghost town.

His Indian Pass Raw Bar

rebuilt bigger and better

after Hurricane Michael

opened in time for Jimmie

to see but now it

entertains no one,

not Jimmie, not me

Covid-19 closed it down.

Jimmie Mac we want

you back home

to celebrate,

keep trying, the sign says

closed until further notice.

©Debbie Hooper

March 30, 2020