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Lockdown Masquerade

Debbie Hooper Special to The Star
The Star

I miss my

walks on the beach

playing pickleball

going to Apalachicola

to work at Penny’s Worth

then see my friends.

Texting is great

Seeing and hugging is better.

We can’t party now but

come into my dreams

and I will show you how.

Wow where do I start,

my sister said we were all going

into town for lunch

then 2 seconds later caterers

were delivering amazing goodies

on a deck I never knew was part

of her house.

When did you build that?

During lockdown!

Wow it looks great!

And where did all these

people come from?

I don’t know,

seems they came with the caterers.

Then somehow we were all dressed up!

But rambled around the house

just before that looking

for towels, available showers, shampoo.

I could not find my shampoo anywhere

looked in everyone’s bathroom and

now newly appeared goodie bags

had all we needed

with party outfits laid out for us.

Where were they coming from

where was Zayla,

playing with some friends.

The outfits adapted to the big celebration!

Was it a wedding, a birthday party what was it?

Did it matter, no, it was a party!

Spanish singers were on deck

serenading each one of us,

one by one

then disappearing.

There were so many parties at once.

Some people we knew like family and friends,

others we hadn’t a clue who they were or

where they came from.

Again, did it matter?

No, it was a party!

The owner of the beauty salon,

where I had been all decked out,

said go ahead pay me later.

I left then went back between parties

opening the door to find

a wedding celebration

right there in her salon.

I walked in wearing a dress

with some birdlike face mask.

They all shouted oh

it’s the mother of the bride,

then they realized through the mask

they had no idea who I was.

With my mask off

they wanted me out of there.

Can I get through to pay?

No there is no need to pay.

Your haircut and shampoo

I will give you for free!

Just get out of here and

go to your own party.

Back at my sister’s, guests I didn’t know

wanted me to give out

beautiful odd shaped colorful

pieces of glassware,

I guess to use as plates, spoon holders

or wall hangings.

So it was my job to distribute them,

some were very well accepted and

some responses were like no,

what would I want these for.

My brother was in a black suit

and white shirt that looked more

like a tuxedo with a black thin tie.

My sisters and kids were dressed

like back in the roaring twenties.

So much activity, in so little time

I was exhausted when I woke up.

What a party!

© Debbie Hooper

April 20, 2020