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99¢ for the first month

Dollars for critters

Tim Croft
The Star

Michael and Kim Scoggins donated an estimated $3,000, give or take, to the St. Joseph Bay Humane Society this week.

The donation came entirely in banded bills, $1 bills, $5 bills, heck, even a Mexican 200 peso bill.

Many were signed by the person who left it behind, some with the location from which that bill had traveled to find its way onto the wall at Killer Seafood, the business the Scoggins have operated in Mexico Beach for 15 years.

How those bills ended up on the doorstep of the Humane Society is a story of restoration.

A few days after Hurricane Michael plowed over Mexico Beach and left Killer Seafood little more than a slab, Scoggins’ neighbor was rummaging through his own debris, as so many did for days, weeks and months after Michael.

The neighbor, however, discovered boards on which currency was stuck, bills with names and locations.

“He found some of the wall panels from Killer Seafood,” Michael Scoggins said.

Michael and Kim were among those who, despite the devastation, set up shop, as best they could, to provide food for folks in their community and, as Michael said, “word got around.”

And consistently each week since as Michael has been feeding people out of a trailer, more and more of those bills have showed up.

“They are still coming,” Scoggins said Tuesday, bringing the banded bills in a Halloween beach bucket and plastic bag.

They were, uniformly, weather beaten, arriving sandy in many cases, Michael said.

Bills were nicked here, nicked there, but they survived to tell their little story.

There was one from the girl Michael had known in high school, the friend of Kim’s from the music industry signed one, a couple of foreign countries are represented and there is the bill from five sisters and a good friend of Michael’s from southern Georgia.

That was the only bill, a fiver, Scoggins parted with, destined to be framed in memory of one of the sisters who had passed.

The decision on what to do with the bills was an easy one, Michael said.

The couple had long been supporters of the humane society and, Michael added, during this time, post-hurricane, the four-legged species, especially cats, can be forgotten.

“This will help a lot of little critters,” said Caitlin Godwin, adoption coordinator for the St. Joseph Bay Humane Society, with interim shelter director Amanda Lucas adding that the bank was already notified of the shape of the bills and was ready to begin counting.