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‘Honor Walk’ reaches milestone this week

Tim Croft
The Star

As George Duren put it this week, those who doubted the citizens committees spearheading the creation of an “Honor Walk” at Veterans Memorial Park at Beacon Hill, well, those doubters will have to look elsewhere.

The “Honor Walk” is going vertical.

The project reached a critical milestone this week as the granite monuments commemorating the branches of the military service are to be installed by Central Granite of Alabama.

“They will start with the monuments going up,” Duren said. “We are going to make big visible strides (this week).

“It says a lot about this community and the citizens and patriots that supported this.”

North Florida Construction recently completed the concrete work at the foundation of the “Honor Walk.”

The monuments will be followed in short order by installation of the flag poles by Signs Unlimited out of Panama City.

That will include a pole for the American flag that will stand 70-feet tall as well as poles of 50 feet for the flags of each branch of the military.

The committee, charged by the Board of County Commissioners to lead the Honor Walk project, recently ended the fundraising for memorial brick pavers which will dot the walk.

“We’ve got letters ‘Honor Walk’ to go on the bluff and we still soon begin on the fencing and landscaping,” Duren said.

“This is something, when we are finished, that is going to jump out at you and tell people what kind of community this is.”

Situated on the park’s bluff overlooking the Gulf of Mexico, the “Honor Walk” is a tribute to all those who served.

The committed has raised and committed nearly $350,000 to complete the project.

The committee did so through the impacts of a Category 5 hurricane and a global pandemic; groundbreaking was in May 2018.

The “Honor Walk” will fill an 80-foot-by-140-foot area.

At each point of the monument’s central pentagon, anchored by the American flag, the 8-foot-by-3-foot monuments for each branch of the military will stand, each inscribed with the Gulf County veterans who died in battle.

Those monuments are going in this week.

The “Honor Walk” will include seating behind the flags and areas for quiet reflection as well as brick and concrete walkways will thread through the memorial.

The entire area would be surrounded by a 4-foot high fence with pillars spaced along the length of the fence.

Walkways will extend 20 feet from the center in opposite directions.

Duren characterized the finished “Honor Walk” as the finest salute to veterans in the region.

“It’s a story and an honor to all in this community who supported this project, from the county commissioners on,” Duren said.

“This will make a statement, a waving of the American flag, at a time when it is needed.”

Duren added there would be a formal ceremony once the project is completed.

To learn more about fundraising efforts or download an application for a brick paver, visit: