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Seeking to connect tag and owner

Tim Croft
The Star

Doug Sewell was just looking down along his Clarksville driveway when he spotted it.

A bronze-colored tag, something that one might find on a key chain, and upon closer inspection there was a name, address and date.

The year was 1939.

80 years ago.

From a distance that ‘3’ may look like an ‘8’ but upon close examination, indeed, this tag dates to 1939.

And it was owned by a B. C. Kirkland, Jr. and had the address P.O. Box 108, Port St. Joe, Fla. stamped upon it.

Closer examination also reveals the faint outline of a vintage automobile at the top and around the circle where the tag would latch to something “Return to Sender” can be faintly read.

“It looks to be like it’s a key tag or something like that for a car,” Sewell said.

Sewell’s daddy had lived in White City and Port St. Joe for short periods, but beyond that there was little family connection to Gulf County.

And the tag was found in Clarksville, about 50 miles to the north of Port St. Joe.

In any case, Sewell gave the tag little thought after finding it.

But, nearly a year later, Sewell was making a recent trip to Port St. Joe and Bluewater Outrigger and decided that maybe that would be the place to start the returning-to-sender process.

He left the tag with the folks at Bluewater.

“I just figured I’d give it to somebody there and they might be able to find a relative or something,” Sewell said. “I figure that it might be something a relative or somebody who knew them might want.”

Joe Sieber from Bluewater brought the story to the newspaper.

“It seems like a really nice story if we could find somebody related and return it,” Sieber said.

Anyone that might have knowledge of the tag or the owner is asked to contact Bluewater Outrigger and ask for Joe Sieber.