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Integrity Florida launches new website to counter corruption

Special to The Star

TALLAHASSEE - Integrity Florida is launching a new anti-corruption website to help Floridians hold government accountable.

"At this critical time in U.S. history, working together to address the root causes of systemic corruption has never been more important. This new website provides public resources that are needed to improve government accountability to mitigate the unequal economic impact of the Covid-19 crisis and reform our flawed criminal justice system," said Ben Wilcox, Research Director of Integrity Florida.

The new website provides access to over 20 Integrity Florida reports and related public resources on key government accountability issues including: Access to Information, Budget Transparency, Contracts and Procurement, Election Integrity, Ethics, Money and Political Influence, and Sustainability.


Floridians can access valuable government anti-corruption and transparency resources including:

How to report criminal public corruption, civil rights violations, and election crimes.

How to report possible violations of Florida's ethics and elections laws.

How to make a public records request including a sample records request.

How to monitor political campaign donations and spending.

How to track lobbyist influence on public policy.

How to see how tax dollars are being spent and guard against waste.

Floridians across all sectors and communities should be vigilant and help expose illegal and legal corruption in state and local government. It is the mission of Integrity Florida to support the public to become their own government watchdogs and report corruption to the appropriate authorities.