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’I have a life’

Trinity Hardy Special to The Star
The Star

Almost two years since Hurricane Michael swept through the panhandle, leaving behind a wake of destruction, the community is still fighting to rebuild and move on.

Many households continue to reach out for help they never received.

The Citizens of Gulf County Recovery Team strives to help those families in need and find agencies and resources that can aid in their recovery. With the help of Disaster Services Corp Society St. Vincent DePaul USA( DSC SVDP USA ), one man can say he will finally be fully recovered.

Bradley Morris lived in his travel trailer in Wewahitchka before Hurricane Michael hit Gulf County in 2018.

The hurricane completely destroyed his home.

Mr. Morris, already dealing with a previous health related issue since 2011, has been struggling since the storm hit.

When his home was destroyed, Morris moved in with his mother in Kentucky. When he received a small insurance payout, he bought the only thing he could afford at the time, which was a shed.

The shed was moved onto his property and Morris has lived in it ever since.

Morris began working with DSC SVDP USA case manager Grace McLeod on April 7.

After advocating on his behalf with several agencies, McLeod was able to find a reasonably priced travel trailer.

She secured donations from both the Salvation Army and the Citizens of Gulf County Recovery team to purchase and deliver it to Morris’ property. Laramie Whitten of E-Z Tree Service and Removal helped move and finalize the installation.

“He (Laramie Whitten) really has a heart to help people. He has helped me with several clients,” said McLeod.

Mr. Morris was overwhelmed with the effort and swiftness that has been put into his recovery since working with St. Vincent de Paul in April, “This will give me a life. It will give me a good life and a happy place to enjoy.”

The Citizens of Gulf County Recovery Team and DSC SVDP USA continue to work and assist the Gulf County community recover from Hurricane Michael.

If you are in need of assistance or know of someone who is, The Citizens of Gulf County Recovery Team encourages you to contact them via email at or call 270-8911.

If you wish to donate money to support recovery projects, you may mail a check made out to Citizens of Gulf County Recovery Team to P.O. Box 1104, Port St. Joe FL 32457; or text recovergulf to 41444. You can also reach out to Disaster Services Corp Society St. Vincent DePaul USA at (850)-227-1760 or email to or visit our website at