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Free mobile meals for county residents Saturday

Special to The Star

This Saturday, Sept. 26, the Second Harvest of the Big Bend mobile food truck will arrive around 9 a.m. EST to deliver mobile meals for distribution to Gulf County residents in need. The distribution location, thanks to Rev. James Younis, will be Highland View Baptist Church at 310 Ling Street, in Port St. Joe, 

Last month, thanks to Second Harvest of the Big Bed, Rev. Carl Bailey of the New Bethel Missionary Baptist Church, and dozens of community volunteers, mobile unit meals were distributed to Gulf County families in need at the free food distribution on Thursday, Aug. 20, 2020. 

Despite the cloudy skies, drizzling rain, and steamy bath-house conditions, volunteers loaded boxes of dry goods, fruits and vegetables, gallons of milk, and pallets of eggs into trunks of waiting families in need. 

Among those volunteers, State Rep. Loranne Ausley noted the steady stream of cars for well over two hours. 

“Still a whole lot of need out there,” said Rep. Ausley, as she urged her social media followers to continue to support Second Harvest of the Big Bend. 

Volunteer Deborah Crosby encourages those in need to volunteer, to both give and receive, as well. 

“There is something about volunteering, especially in these trying times, that provides sustenance to the soul not found elsewhere,” said Crosby. “Hunger and hard times do not discriminate and being able to help provide food to the hungry, to deliver nutrients for growth and life, well, I think it nourishes and feeds me just as much as those I hand a box to, and that is something good, something really good.” 

To volunteer, please contact Crystal Depuy at 850-227-5446. For further information, please contact Amy Rogers at 850-227-4041.