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A ring found, a story left untold

By Tim Croft
The Star

Sandi Lord and her husband were walking and scouting last week for spots along St. Joseph Bay from which to launch their kayaks. 

As they walked, something caught Sandi’s eye in a crack of the sidewalk. 

“When I looked down, I thought it was a bottle cap,” Lord said. “It must have been made of titanium because it had survived the traffic on U.S. 98. 

This wedding band was found along St. Joseph Bay

‘”It’s bent but not beyond repair.” 

And, the object was not a bottle cap, but instead a wedding band, inscribed along the inside with “Alex & Aleisa.” 

Lord wondered what sort of story was behind this lost piece of jewelry and those nagging feelings creep in each time she gazes at the band. 

An inscription reads: "Alex & Aleisa"

“(The inscription) is where my nagging feelings began,” Lord said. “Most folks will you that jewelry is very personal. It almost always brings back some type of memory for its owner, especially a wedding ring.” 

Lord reached out to this newspaper and we ran with it, so to speak. 

Lord’s hope is for a happy ending for the lost wedding band, and answers to her questions about the story that led to its being lost on that sidewalk along the Bay. 

“Is there a matching ring out there somewhere?” Lord wondered. “Or is there something totally unique about its mate? 

“My hope is that Alex and Aleisa will tell me its story and that it will have a happy ending.” 

Anyone with any information about the ring please contact Tim Croft at or 227-7827.