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Port St. Joe Elementary School

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School safety plan

In an effort to ensure the safety of our students and staff, we have put forth this set of guidelines that will become common practices for the school setting, where CDC Guidelines will be followed when feasible. While Gulf District Schools has provided a framework for each school’s plan, each plan is unique to its student and staff population, as well as its facility’s design and layout. We realize that our understanding of Covid-19 is ever-changing, and for that reason, we will continue to re-evaluate our practices and make changes when and where necessary. Students will be informed of the CDC recommended guidelines for practicing safe hygiene and social distancing In the event that a student or staff member tests positive, the Gulf County Health Department will be responsible for notifying the individual and any others who may be at-risk. If a student needs to self-isolate he or she will continue to have access to daily classroom instruction through our Dolphin Virtual Learning Platform.


Students will report directly to their classrooms or the cafeteria for breakfast upon arrival to school. We will continue to use our designated drop off points (bus loop, kindergarten loop, 1st-3th loop, 4th-6th /breakfast loop).

Students who eat breakfast will report directly to the cafeteria and will be social distanced with classes and grade levels assigned designated areas of the cafeteria.

We will have transition procedures in place with staff located around campus to direct students and limit congestion.

Students will be screened for temperature upon arrival to their classrooms.


Classes/students will make direct transitions around campus, escorted by a teacher to the greatest extent possible.

Procedures will be in place for students who need to report to the office to check out, visit the nurse, or etc. to ensure transitions are direct and with limited interaction.

6th Grade- Utilizing backpacks and limiting the number of visits to locker areas will also be encouraged.

UV lighting will be placed in hallways and common areas to assist with the reduction of potential germ-spreading bacteria.

Quality Air Filtration systems are being added throughout the building.


Student seating and other proactive and precautionary measures will be carefully designed and implemented to social distance to the greatest extent possible.

Seating charts will be made to contact trace if and when necessary.

5th and 6th Grade/Special area classrooms- All classroom desks and table-tops will be sanitized at the end of each period before a new group enters.

Students will be assigned electronic devices so there will be NO sharing of devices.

Hand sanitizer will be readily available to every student during class time.

Each teacher will have a thermometer to check temperatures should the need arise.

Proactive and precautionary measures of using hand sanitizer, handwashing, and use of cleaning supplies for the exchange and use of materials will be made.


Classes will sit together with students spaced apart to practice social distancing.

In addition to the cafeteria, the gym or other alternate settings will be utilized during lunch hours to help further isolate grade levels and classes.

There will be a reduced number of seats at each table.

Seating charts will be made to contact trace if and when necessary.

Lunchroom staff will wear appropriate safety gear while preparing and serving meals.

Tabletops will be sanitized at the end of each group, before a new group enters.

Water bottles will continue to be sold from the lunchroom for $0.50.


As often as possible, PE will take place outside or in large open-areas. When using indoor facilities, classes will be social distanced to the greatest extent possible.

The use of auditorium for health education or use of other areas or facilities around campus will be utilized to further isolate grade levels and classes.

Media Center and computer lab will be utilized to keep number of classes participating in PE as limited as possible.


We will utilize a schedule to load buses one at a time with staff around campus to direct students and limit congestion.

Student drop-off/pick-ups will be set up and closely monitored to ensure classes are not congregating with other classes.


At this time, there will be no school-wide assemblies.

At this time, there will be no lunch or classroom visitors.


Water fountains will not be in use. Students may bring a water bottle and will be allowed to refill in their classrooms. Sip cups will be available in classrooms. Water coolers and sip cups will be available at PE.

The use of masks is recommended, not mandatory. We will be conducting education about the proper handling and use of masks. We ask that parents educate your wishes of mask use with your students. Teachers/staff will encourage masks and proper use but will not be responsible if a student does not comply.

Ongoing education about handwashing, use of hand sanitizer, social distancing and use of masks use will be conducted.

Proactive and precautionary measures of using hand sanitizer, handwashing, and use of cleaning supplies for the exchange of library books will be made.

School-Re-Opening Options

Live On-Campus Instructional School Day with Covid-19

Any student who were to be absent or quarantined can use Dolphin Virtual Learning Platform to maintain assignments as though he/she were on-campus.

Distance Learning- Dolphin Virtual Learning Platform Option

Any student who is unable to participate in on-campus instruction, due to a Covid-19 related issue, may remain a PSJES student and access daily curriculum through our Dolphin Virtual Learning Platform.

A student can return to on-campus instruction at ANY time during this Covid-19 State of Emergency.

Core curriculum textbooks/workbooks will be issued to students.

If a student were to need an electronic device or internet access, a parent/guardian will need to notify PSJES-850.227.1221.

The student will, mark him/herself present through the FOCUS portal daily.

The student will access the curriculum content posted by the teacher.

The student will complete and submit assignments or assessments, daily to his or her teacher, as though he/she were present in the on-campus class.

Students will be assigned a certified teacher for support.

Opportunities for interaction between peers and teacher during the school day via Google Meet will be scheduled and available.

The student/parent will communicate with teachers through email or other communication platforms established by the teacher and by telephone during the teacher’s planning times or through scheduled conferences.

FLVS Florida Virtual School

Students enrolled in Florida Virtual School are NOT students of Port St. Joe Elementary School. They fall under the Home School Program definition.

Students enrolled in FLVS do NOT have access to the Dolphin Virtual Learning Platform.

For FLVS option, please contact Mrs. Martha Weimorts at Gulf District Schools OIS, 850.229.6940.