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Public pool?

Staff Writer
The Star

Dear Editor,

The Gulf County Board of County Commissioners and administration purchased this golf course country club in April 2019. All five county commissioners voted for this purchase, as it had the only public swimming pool anywhere in this area

It was agreed on when purchased that it would be held as a park restricted for recreation and open to the public.

Recently due to the Covid-19 the course was shut down for a short time.

The swimming pool reopened for members only on May 15 to June 1.

I spoke with Commission Chairman Quinn on May 22 and I am still waiting on a response as why the swimming pool would open for members only with the tourists, locals and public excluded.

This Country Club was purchased with tourist bed tax money along with our County personnel and equipment are being used with our tax dollars to maintain this Golf Course.

At no time should the public and tourists be denied any access of this public facility.

Robert Branch

Port. St. .Joe