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Keeping our beaches safe

Staff Writer
The Star

Dear Editor,

The beach is a wonderful place for visitors and residents to go and relax or take a walk. That feeling is lost when I encounter folks with their dog off-leash.

The owners may believe they know how their dog is going to behave, but they don’t realize how afraid I am of their dog, even when the dog is a long way off.

This is because dogs are unpredictable and might bite, and I am afraid, because I don’t know if the owner will leash their dog as I approach.

In addition, it is distracting to motorists on the beach to have to deal with a dog not on its leash.

This is both unsafe for the dog and the nearby beach-goers. It is disrespectful to both other people and to the law for people not to leash their dog on Gulf County beaches.

The argument that it is better not to upset visitors by confronting them about their dogs being off-leash does not hold much water, because even some of our other visitors don’t want off-leash dogs on the beach.

Please let’s be nice to each other and take our dogs to places where they can run free and not upset other people.

Jack Rink

Port St. Joe