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Now that so many of us are faced with the fact that we are guilty of how we have treated others because of the color of their skin, it is now time to fix it.

The older we are we need to look at the young ones and say to them that this is the

part that you must play to help make this world a better and fair place. Of course the United States of America is a great place to live. It does not belong to just one race because one race did not build this country. It may pain some of you to accept that other races (especially the blacks) deserve the same, equal or more because they “earned” it, it's the truth and it's what’s right.

No handouts but no stoppage either, let the blacks and any other race excel in a fair playing field. Stop trying to oppress others because you can, because you’ve been taught too or because you truly believe you have the right to do it for whatever your reasons are.

What order this is done is plain and simple, Racism must begin to be taught in the schools, in the mind of the young and in every educational institution in the United States of America. Racism must be taught in ways to understand how it started, why it started, how it was able to maintain, detain, degrade, and push the unhealthy agendas of the weak in power or wanting to be in power or wanting to maintain power for so long.

Children are taught this in the homes, behind closed doors, directly or indirectly, they are taught this by their friends, relatives, mentors, clubs, and lately even on the television by people who weren't so openly shouting it out at one time in our lives in this manner. Now we MUST shout it out louder to get our young to understand that it can truly be fixed, and disposed of. Maybe not entirely in our generation but in the generations to come.

It's an ugly sore that has been on the face of America and has been allowed to survive because so many people have turned away so as to not see it for many reasons. Because it was so ugly you turned away, because you didn’t want to fix it to embarrass someone else who you felt deserved to be embarrassed. Maybe you didn’t have the medicine to pour on it to heal it, whatever the reason it wasn’t fixed, now it's time to get this all out in the open everywhere and start the process of removing this sore.

If you do not vote, start voting, learn about your candidates, teach others so they can vote, and put people in charge of our society who have everybody’s best interest at hand instead of a select few. You can call your representative, you can email them, you can go visit them because they work for you. You can tell others about them because their treatment of you will go a long way. Look in the telephone book or the internet or call your local newspaper to find out who your representative is and then get them to do their job on helping to bring about the change we need to fix this.

It's time to make laws against this disgusting act, it's time to educate our children daily about this disgusting act and the consequences of their behavior when this act is committed among people to people who have no choice in who they are and how they came to be.

So let's get our lawmakers to start really working for us and to the voters and nonvoters whether you agree with this or not, it's the right thing to do, make a law against racism and start educating our children about it so that America the beautiful can be for all of us not just for a select few. The devil has done his part for so many years in the killling and dividing us now it's time for the people of God to get up, stand up and get this done. Courage, perseverance, knowledge and wisdom is waiting on you. What a good time to start this movement in changing the world around you, where you live, an election year, show them you are serious!

I stand by all I’ve said in this opinionated article

Elana V Eberhardt Heard