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The stars lead us to life and liberty

By Billy Joe Parker Guest Columnist

A woman in South Texas where it had not snowed at Christmas in a hundred years had a habit since childhood to pray and ask God for something and asked for a sign to show it would come true. Her husband had an enlarged heart and would not live long. The woman prayed her husband would be healed and asked for snow at Christmas as a sign that he would be healed. The woman looked out the window on Christmas eve and saw it snowing. When her husband went for a checkup, his doctor was shocked to find that he had a normal heart.

 - From the CBN 700 Club Show today Dec. 24, AD 2020) 

It is a great theft for governments to ban to children or to adults the knowledge of Christ and of prayer to him to grant miracles. We have seen this in the USA when governments under the influence of bad council have banned prayer in school and banned the Bible to blind the children to the simple truth of appealing to God in a time of peril as today under the plague of a virus.

Billy Joe Parker

Prayer to God in Christ's name is a local call for all people on earth and not long distance. Prayer is a shield that parents use to defend their homes and their children. Prayer is a shield that children use to defend their parents. Prayer is a shield we use to defend the nation to turn back storms, asteroids, disease, and enemies.

This Christmas when we see governments try to remove Christmas crosses and Nativity scenes from city squares, they do a great disservice to their communities, their children, and to themselves. When you see people opposing Christmas, you are looking at death itself. The sad sight today of the communist Chinese government banning Christ and arresting people for simply reading about him, is the hand of death holding a great and beautiful nation in its grip. In this time of great peril, all Americans should lock in to God, Christ, and prayer instead of divorcing and family violence. We should not betray the Christmas star nor ourselves by leaping from the star into unhappiness and death.

After the star of Bethlehem appeared about 2000 years ago, it scooped up the earth. The star was miracle and it gave the knowledge of miracles to all on the earth. 

The star of Bethlehem was a miracle. Stars do not move. But the star of Bethlehem moved over the slow-moving caravan of the wise men and stopped still over the manger where Christ was born. Daniel, the Hebrew Prophet had been carried to Babylon as a captive where he became known as the wisest of the wise men. The king of Babylon could not tell the king the dream the king had dreamed and the king ordered them all to be killed. Daniel told the dream and asked the king to spare the wise men of Babylon. When Babylon fell to the Persians, he remained a favorite counselor of the Persian king. Daniel had predicted the birth of a great king that would bring good to the whole earth.

Remembering the prediction of Daniel who had died long ago, the wise men of Babylon followed the star that moved. The wise men are considered to be the symbols of all men who believe the scriptures and follow them as though they are stars showing them where to go. We know the Golden Rule--Love thy neighbor as thyself-- and the Ten Commandments are the better things to follow. They are stars that lead us to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness and to a bright and glowing civilization.

Billy Joe Parker, the 2020 Prohibition candidate for vice-president, lives near Waleska, Georgia. The Prohibition Party is known for its historic opposition to the sale or consumption of alcoholic beverages and as an integral part of the temperance movement. It is the oldest existing third party in the United States and the third longest active party.