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Disgusted with the “SB” Generation

Staff Writer
The Star

Dear Editor,

I’ll just call them the Spring Break Generation.

They’re the 16-26 year-olds (you know, the ones still on mom and dad’s health insurance) who are in college, or looking forward to college, (with the rest of us paying for their college degrees—they hope). (Never mind kiddies, that you already have 12 years of free education, adding 4 more years will make a college degree completely worthless.)

These are the ones who berate the evil energy giants for not “coming up with” some alternative energy that will save the planet. (You know you guys could take that free college, and come up with it yourself, and make billions—except you couldn’t keep any of the money, of course, because billionaires are evil too.)

And these are the Bernie Bros who want free health care as a human right. They’re social justice warriors you know—who will march for the underdog anywhere and everywhere. They’re the ones who point to anyone who claims to be speaking in the name of science to be an irrefutable god, and anyone who says otherwise is a “denier.”

Yet, when the scientists and experts tell them: "we absolutely must have social distancing or more people will die”, all of a sudden, science doesn’t matter. Anyone seen the interview of the kid holding up a bottle of Corona amidst a huge partying beach crowd saying: “If I get it, I get it, I’m not going to let it ruin MY spring break!”?

Where’s all the social justice rhetoric now? How about just a social conscience? Do any of you SB generation out there have the guts to go on social media and unfriend these folks?

Or maybe make them feel guilty at least?

Deborah Mays

Port St. Joe