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Letter to the Editor:

The Board of the Coastal Community Association of South Gulf County had to cancel our annual meeting because of safety issues dealing with the Covid Virus. We hope to reschedule in the near future but felt our community might like to be aware of the type things our organization has done this past year and might want to join us this year as we continue meeting the needs of Gulf County. We had published a list of various issues that our State and Local elected officials and County staff were going to discuss at the meeting. We will be getting with each of them to try to update you on the issues on our Coastal Community Association of South Gulf County Facebook page until we can have a scheduled meeting.

What has CCA been involved with since our last July 2019 meeting? The projects were made possible by the generous donations of cash, time, and effort on the part of our members. In addition, one or more CCA Board member attends every BOCC meeting.

CCA volunteers met with students in PSJ and helped them order outfits to begin secondary school. The Women’s Club of Wewa did the same for students in the Northern part of the County. CCI made a donation to the Port St Joe Junior League to enable them to serve more elementary school children. The total number of kids helped was at least 180 via $15,134 donations from CCA members.

Food was raised for Thanksgiving for the Career Source.

Toys and Food were raised for around 250 kids and were distributed through the Sheriffs Toy Drive in December. The total of donations for this was $15,355.

Easter Baskets and Food were distributed to almost 200 kids through the United Methodist Church in PSJ, Washington Improvement Group of North Port St Joe and the Women’s Club of Wewa. Baskets were made available through the Piggly Wiggly at their cost, so the total donations of $1500—most of which came from the non-socially-distant Liar’s Challenge prior to COVID-19’s arrival…covered all the cost for over 200 baskets. Many were also donated.

Supported High School High Tech summer internship program for kids with disabilities of $250.

To fill in gap when food was in short supply when COVID-19 hit, $500 donations were made to both the United Methodist Church kids’ meal program (the blessing bags) and Elder Care via the Gulf County Senior Citizens Association.

CCA worked with State Representatives to help facilitate the supply of food getting to Gulf County citizens in need via numerous food distributions. And CCA members have volunteered and assisted with these food distributions.

CCA sent a request to members for masks, and well over 200 masks were donated. These were shared with Elder Care for staff and clients, Citizen of Gulf County Recovery Team for staff and clients, some individual elderly folks, and with the Piggly Wiggly for their staff.

Emails have resumed to alert CCA members, especially as to BOCC meeting agendas, volunteer opportunities, weather events and COVID-19 related issues.

We have kept in touch with state and local elected officials and staff on many projects.

*Trash pickup-problems and solutions

*FEMA berm

*NWLF sand and vegetative islands

*Offshore divergent “reefs” to slow down erosion

*RV ordinance and proliferation

*Leave No Trace

*COVID-19 issues and testing sites

*Vehicular traffic on the Cape Bike Path

*Salinas Park

*Continued funding for Hurricane Michael recovery and home replacement/repairs


Patricia K. Hardman, PhD,

President, Board of Coastal Community Association of South Gulf County