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FCA cheerleaders win state championship, advance to nationals

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This past weekend, the Forgotten Coast Athletics competitive All-Star cheerleading teams traveled to Daytona Beach to compete in The American Championships. In this highly-intense two-day competition, the Junior Leatherbacks and Senior Diamondbacks competed against teams from across the state all vying for a coveted place ranking, inviting them to the U.S. Finals in Pensacola on April 25-26.

Coach Amanda Chizmar said both teams “hit zero,” this weekend, although it was the Junior Leatherbacks that realized a first-place ranking and a State Champion title in the L1 Junior – D2 – Small Division.

“Hitting zero means to hit your routine perfectly,” Chizmar said. “The athletes at FCA have worked countless hours every week to achieve this at every practice and every competition and Juniors have exceeded our expectations. I cannot wait to see what they put out to the world for the rest of the season; the sky is the limit for this team.”

Forgotten Coast Athletics, in its second season of competitive cheer in Port St. Joe, has already seen an unprecedented level of growth not only among its membership but in the skill levels of its athletes, quickly becoming a force not only in North Florida and the Panhandle but the state.

Thirteen-year-old Jolie Moore lives in Franklin County and practices nine hours per week to compete on both the Junior Leatherback and the Senior Diamondbacks teams, said this is the biggest and most intense competition they have been to so far.

“Competing on two teams is kind of scary,” Moore said. “Trying to remember everything is hard, but since this was a bigger competition, we had more time between each routine to practice, focus, chill out, and get ready again.”

Parent and corporate sponsor, Clayton Studstill, is grateful and appreciative of all the other FCA Cheer Boosters commercial and individual benefactors.

“I am so proud of all these incredibly hardworking young athletes,” Studstill said. “As a corporate sponsor myself, I am thankful that others in the community have donated so generously to help these athletes come this far, but they are not done. Please consider becoming a patron of FCA cheer today and help send this team to the U.S. Finals. It is only by, with, and through the community that we can elevate not only incredible athletes but champions for years to come.”

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